Who's On My Team?

If you are a victim of a fire, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

​The Fire Damage Victims' Support Association is committed to providing impartial information from a variety of perspectives that we hope will assist in the decision making of businesses and individuals struggling to cope in the aftermath of a fire.

Fire damage victims are often overwhelmed by the seemingly endless parade of businesses and individuals that often attempt to track you down after a fire, hoping to provide a variety of services in return for a portion of the insurance proceeds.

Friends, neighbors and relatives are presumably on your team. All other businesses and individuals (including your insurer) are likely to have their own financial self-interest. That said, most of us are not intimately familiar with insurance policies, and not in a position to mitigate damage or rebuild without a lot of professional help so do your homework.

​Poll the people you trust. Not all Fire Restoration Contractors, Cleaners and Insurance Claim Advocates chase after fires. You can research companies that work solely on a referral basis in addition to those that just show up at the doorstep.