Our Vision

The singular purpose of this voluntary association is to provide impartial information, from a variety of perspectives, that we hope will assist in the decision making of businesses and individuals struggling to cope in the aftermath of a fire. Unfortunately, devastating personal loss and uninsured loss are beyond the scope of this organization.   

The Fire Damage Claims Insurance Process
After providing your agent and/or insurer with certain fundamental information about the fire, you are likely to be assigned an Adjuster, sometimes called a claims representative. An amicable relationship with your insurer's representative can be put to ... Read More.

Working With Cleaning Companies After a Fire
Another one of the special interest groups competing for a piece of the insurance pie is likely to be a cleaning and/or restoration contractor. These companies may be franchisees of larger, national organizations, or they may be stand-alone local vendors ... Read More.

What's an Insurance Claim Advocate?
Are you relying entirely on your insurance company's adjuster to represent your interest? In some cases, it makes more sense to consult with an Insurance Claim Advocate who will file/present a claim that puts your needs ahead of the insurance company's ... Read More.

Where Can You Find an Insurance Claim Advocate?
Insurance Claim Advocacy, Cleaning and Fire Restoration work are not widely recognized professions so for many fire damage victims' the chaotic aftermath of a fire may be the first experience. Before deciding to retain the services of any of these entities you ... Read More.

Who's On My Team?
Fire damage victims are often overwhelmed by the seemingly endless parade of business and individuals that often attempt to track you down after a fire, hoping to provide a variety of services in return for a portion of the insurance proceeds.  Read More.

Fire Damage Claims