Insurance Claim Advocacy, Cleaning and Fire Restoration work are not widely recognized professions so for many fire damage victims' the chaotic aftermath of a fire may be the first experience. Before deciding to retain the services of any of these entities you need to do your homework.

The first question you may want to ask is whether you are negotiating a service contract with the specific individual that proposes to represent your interest...or are you speaking with a sales person? Not all Advocates (and not all Restorers & Cleaners, for that matter) chase after fires. You can research companies that work solely on a referral basis in addition to those that just show up at the doorstep.

​The ideal Insurance Claim Advocate needs to be intimately familiar with insurance coverage and able to communicate effectively on your behalf. You don't want to rely on an alleged phone conversation when thousands of dollars are as stake. An effective Advocate needs to be able to document your claim by communicating effectively, in writing. Does your prospective Advocate have a Business Degree &/or specific insurance certification (CPCU, AIC, or CPPA)?

Insurers will not recommend an Insurance Claim Advocate so you may, instead, poll the people you trust (e.g. Attorneys, Accountants, other Business Professionals). Any entity that has been in business for a while can come up with a list of satisfied customers. Ask specifically to speak with the three most recent customers as well as all current customers...and make sure to follow up.

Where Can You Find an Insurance Claim Advocate?

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