Working with Cleaning Companies After a Fire

Another one of the special interest groups competing for a piece of the insurance pie is likely to be a cleaning and/or restoration contractor. These companies may be franchisees of larger, national organizations, or they may be stand-alone local vendors.

Disagreement concerning the repair status of building or personal/business property may arise. If you and your insurer disagree as to whether certain items are totally destroyed, your insurer may wish to rely on the opinion of a cleaning/restoration contractor for an impartial, professional opinion. Given the potential for competing interests (yours and the insurer's) this can be a difficult position for a cleaning/restoration contractor. Make sure they are putting your needs ahead of the insurer's.

If there is remaining salvage value (to your damaged contents), your insurer is almost certain to insist that cleanable/repairable portions of the building &/or business/personal property get saved (cleaned/restored). In fact it is typically your duty under the provisions of most insurance policies to act reasonably in attempting to prevent further damage. A competent restoration/cleaning company can be a vital partner in addressing these needs.

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